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The Business Impact of Culture

Research shows that the most evolved cultures and purpose-driven brands grow 3x more than others. They have happy customers. They attract the best candidates. They have engaged and empowered people. They tell great stories.

Evolved cultures are the secret sauce of the top brand’s success. One-part purpose, one-part smart HR strategies, one-part empowered leaders and people, another part great experiences and marketing.

How We Help


Evolve Your Purpose

  • Formulate your Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values
  • Define your employer value proposition (EVP)
  • Activate employees to tell stories about your brand

Evolve Your Strategy

  • Develop an impactful Change & Transformation strategy that puts people at the center
  • Transform Your HR Strategy – Talent, Leadership, & D&I
  • Create an Engaging HR Marketing & Communications experience

Evolve Your Experience

  • Assess and evolve your Employee Experience & Engagement
  • Create Talent Programs & Offerings that support business impact and strategy
  • Build Personal and Social Brands of employees and leaders

About Culture Evolved

At Culture Evolved we believe that empowered people are at the heart of every successful business.

What does it mean to be empowered? Employees feel listened to, they are comfortable taking smart risks, they see failure as a learning opportunity, they make decisions.

Evolved Culture begins with a clear vision, mission, values, and purpose. It comes to life through the behaviors of your leaders and managers, it is emulated and activated by your employees, and supported by your internal “ways of working.”

With over 22 years of corporate experience in multiple functions and industries, Liz Brenner is uniquely positioned to help you evolve your culture. Bringing together deep expertise in both marketing and HR, Liz found a niche in helping companies define and develop their purpose and brand, while building people programs and offerings that support an authentic employee experience.

What Our Clients Say

“Having worked with Liz for over a decade, I can honestly say she is one of the best people to partner with on culture, engagement, change management and communication efforts. She is a true collaborator, with a keen eye for detail and careful execution. She’s also a strategic leader who can see the big picture, assess project needs, and then drive an initiative to successful completion, sometimes with positive outcomes and deliverables not even expected up front. She takes her work seriously, whether it is a relatively small, quick project or a complex, company-wide program. Her motivation, adaptability, and thoroughness, coupled with her client-first approach, make her an excellent consultant on a wide variety of strategic HR, branding, and communication topics.”

Carmen O’Shea, HR Executive and SVP


“Liz is a force to be reckoned with. She has an amazing combination of insight into how to engage employees and marketing expertise to drive awareness and action. Liz is a leader, a collaborator, a strategist, and an execution engine. I had the honor to work with Liz for many years – she is always one of the first people I look to for advice and perspective.”

Deb Stambaugh, Head of Strategic Marketing, Samsung Ads


“Liz and I partnered on several high-profile projects through the years at SAP. In that time she demonstrated her inspirational leadership qualities, her razor-sharp intelligence, her ability to innovate and her ability to just deliver results. Too many people nowadays talk the talk. Not Liz. She just focused on delivering optimum results. One stand out project was her work developing end to end employee value proposition centered around purpose at SAP. Liz was a perfect partner, hugely impressive strategic thinker and through her dedication and commitment was able to bring purpose front and center to SAP culture. What also struck me about Liz was she was a real people person. Engaging. Passionate. Driven. Sensitive to teammates. Though demanding on results. I would never hesitate for one second to recommend her and would work with her in a heartbeat again.”

Matthew Jeffery, Global Head of Employer Branding


“I have worked with Liz for many years and have always been impressed with the impact she makes on every project she touches.  Liz has a unique ability to take a complex challenge and create a solution that is simple, realistic and will move the needle towards achieving the goals the team defined.  Liz makes the work fun along the way so the work never really even feels like work.  Her strength in the areas of culture, engagement, HR strategy and marketing, I believe will help many organizations.”

Alyse Wyler Learning & Leadership HR Leader, SAP
Alyse Wyler

“Liz and her team led the rollout and change management strategy for our team when we decided to get rid of performance reviews and ratings at SAP. Liz was a trusted partner to me and my team during the entire process from idea generation to rollout, bringing creative ideas and solving issues along the way. Her deep understanding of change and engagement strategies helped us successfully reach 80K+ employees.”

Bhuvan Naik Head of Global Talent Management
Bhuvan Naik
Every person in your ecosystem plays a critical role in your culture evolution:
  • Potential employees are attracted to positive and strong cultures
  • HR (and business leaders) develop many of the strategies and processes that support the culture
  • Leaders and managers role model the culture and empower teams to live the culture
  • Current employees bring the culture to life
  • Former employees will tell people about your culture